Frequently Asked Questions:

  • Sun-Dome’s tubular skylight transfers high performance natural light without heat gain or loss; that 
    conventional curb or box skylights are known for.
  • Roof flashings provided at varying degrees or pitches to allow collector dome the ability to stand straight up on the roof to maximize light production.
  • Tubular skylights cost much less than traditional curb or box skylights and they are installed to almost any type of roofing system in only 2-3 hours without leaks of any kind.
  • Sun-Dome has been manufacturing & supplying our high quality energy efficient tubular skylights at reasonable prices, nationally and internationally for over 16 years!
  • One of the few tubular skylights that is Miami-Dade County Hurricane Tested and Approved for large missile impacts, wind up-lift, and NO water penetration. (With a current NOA certification)
  • Tubular daylighting devices or TDD’S as they are known, provide beautiful un-tinted light to the
    interior of any type of room with no regular maintenance required.
  • The collector dome used in our system is made of a material called “Polycarbonite Lexan”, this is
    30 times stronger than the “acrylic”(plastic) domes used in most other tubular skylight systems.
  • Tubular skylights significantly reduce power bills since they operate at ‘0’ Watts per Lumen.
    (Take that, Power Company!)
  • Without any heat/cold gain or loss through our systems the load on your HVAC system is
    also greatly reduced, lowering your need for power consumption even more.
  • Help reduce the large amounts of toxic carbon emissions that are released everyday into our
    atmosphere; by reducing the demand for electric power in our homes & businesses.
  • Our products come with a 10 year warranty on component parts.

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