Sun Dome of Arkansas Tubular Skylights

Commercial & Residential Solar Lighting

Sun-Dome Tubular Skylights brighten interiors with free, renewable energy from natural sunlight without the heat gain of ordinary skylights. They cut power consumption and reduce A/C heat load and run time by several hundred kilowatts per month!

Sun-Dome Tubular Skylights are a energy efficient choice for commercial and residential lighting. Help save our natural resources by reducing energy consumption.

Energy Efficient Solar Lighting

  • High impact polycarbonate dome blocks harmful UV Rays
  • Virtually unbreakable dome (withstands hail & hurricanes)
  • 10-year warranty
  • Flashings may be painted any color
  • Strong aluminum flashing won’t rust or leak (no plastic flashings)
  • Installed in approximately 2 hours
  • No structural modifications needed
  • Adjustable aluminum tubes (2 in each 10″ & 13″ kit) to bypass obstacles
  • Fits between rafters and joists
  • Brightens any area evenly
  • No fading of furniture, or carpets
  • Proven energy savingswith minimal heat gain or loss.
  • Natural light helps plants flourish
  • Cost? Just a fraction of ordinary skylights with more light, no heat, and without the problems!
  • Reduce A/C heat load and run time to reduce wear on A/C



  •  A clear, unbreakable polycarbonate dome mounted on a storm-tested, aluminum flashing on the roof collects and directs sunlight down into the area below through a high-performance reflective transfer tube. This tube connects to a domed translucent or prismatic diffuser that distributes natural light evenly throughout the area without heat gain or loss.


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