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Customer Testimonials

In my line of work, lighting is extremely important, and that is why I chose Stuart Cully to enhance my design center. Now selecting fabrics and paints is spot on with the Sun-Dome’s natural light! I recommend Sun-Dome of Arkansas to my clients, and they are thrilled, as well.

Sandy Sutton, ASID Award Winning Interior Designer–Sandy Sutton’s Design Center, Hot springs, AR. See the before & after images of the Sun Dome of Arkansas installation HERE.  

Mr. Cully, we cannot express  how pleased we are with the four Tubular Skylights you installed. It has made a world of difference. No one was more hesitant than me  on having Sun Pipes installed, now I am a believer. Mr. Cully came highly recommended, and how rightly so, a nicer team you will never meet. Mr. Cully and his assistant are not only courteous, they are honest , will only install what they feel you need, I experienced that, and they are very efficient and clean  with the installation. Thank you guys for a job well done.

Tommie & Mike Morrone

Stuart did a great job with our living room and entry way. What a difference the Sun-Dome made with our dark rooms. Installation was painless, and we are very pleased with the product and on time installation.

Phil & Becky Dively-Hot Springs, AR

Thanks Stuart, we are thrilled with the results of the Sun-Dome and the work that you did. Never expected it to be so effective with bringing in the light. Thank you so very much.

Wally & Donna Siffermann-Hot Springs Village

They say, “word of mouth is the best advertising”, and I believe it!  I live in the Village in a small house, 2 bedrooms, 2 baths, in the woods.  I love where I am located but……my house was dark in the living room, dining room and kitchen.  I heard about Tubular Skylights installed by Stuart Cully of Arkansas from a friend of mine whose house was also dark in the main rooms like mine.  We lived by turning on lights all the time.

I went over to her house to see what she kept telling me about every time we talked and boy was I surprised by what I saw.  Her living room and dining room were bright with light!  Well the next day I called Mr. Cully, and the very next day he came out and looked at my place.  I had thought I needed two Tubular Skylights but he told me no, I only needed one and also told me the perfect place for it to lighten up my kitchen, living room and dining room.  Was he right!  I had one put in the next week and I am so much happier now that I have light in those rooms.  It really makes a difference!  If you have a room that is just too dark and you are unhappy with turning on the lights all the time.  I recommend you call Stuart  today. See the difference Tubular Skylights makes for you.

Maureen McCarthy
Hot Springs Village, Arkansas

After three years of having four lamps lit during the day and night, the decision was made to make a change by adding a 13″ Tubular Skylights to my livingroom.  The difference is literally like – night to day!  It has improved the appearance and efficiency of the living room, reaching also into the dining area. Also, a 9″ Skylight was added to my windowless front bath, making it the brightest room in my home. Mr. Cully and his assistant were courteous and very efficient and clean with the installation. It was a quick process. I could not be more pleased with my two Tubular Skylights.

Diann Bennett-Reyes
Hot Springs Village, AR

Great product. Cuts out almost all of the heat transfer you get from a regular skylight and provides just as much, if not more, light! Have really enjoyed mine for the last year.

Don Flynn

The BEST customer service, EVER! Punctual, Polite, No Mess…what more could you ask for? Oh, and we LOVE the results! I will be adding more Sun-Domes in the near future.

Robyn Johnson

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